How Long Do Orders Take To Be Completed ?

6  hours and Completed in 24 hours. Sometime it takes 4-5 days when social site updates there system. Order delivery time may vary

Will I Get My Page/Account Banned For Using This Service?

There is no way you would get your page/id/account banned or removed from using our services and we have never had anyone tell us that they have had this problem. We use safe promotion methods to ensure your page/id/account is 100% safe.

Do You Have Bulk Buyers Discount Offer?

We can offer a custom package to our customers if you get in touch with us we can talk about what we have to offer.

Is it safe my corporate accounts?

Totally yes. We understand your concerns about such services. However, you do not have to worry about it. You will always get the best and safe service from us. You can use our service without any doubt, we promise.

Followers or Likes are Real?

Only Instagram followers are real and active. Other's are real looking, but not active, that just provide your profile and marketing value.
We live in the social world so that everyone is trying to pay attention in every way. To manage or sell your products, you need social media services. We are your best supporter on that. We help you draw the attention you deserve. We help you increase your sales!

Buying followers or likes is legal?

Of course. Buying supporters or the like for any kind of social media is legal. You can think it's a digital marketing strategy. When you buy followers, likes or views, we promote our account through social media or the like. It's completely legal and safe. Without a doubt, you can buy social media services at buyviewstoday.

Why followers drop?

Due to the fact that we provide real followers, we cannot force them to remain ad your followers forever, which is why it is assumed that some followers will inflow over time. Our Refill guarantee means that if you ever lose a substantial number of followers then send us an email and we will refill lost a number of followers. Please expect a small drop of 10-15% after the followers have been delivered.

How long my Likes/followers will stay?

It's Generally  12 Months or More. Not sure. FB, YT & Soundcloud is lifetime. But when social media sites make their update then it's may down, then we can't do anything. We have provided 30 to 60 days refill grantee for some products. 

How Can I Pay?

We accept credit cards, PayPal and debit cards.

If any problem occurs on my purchase?

If any kind of issues occur in your purchase, you will get a full refund.

Do you have prices for Resellers?

Yes, please contact us for further discussion.